Note: The reading of these questions, doesn’t dismiss the reading of the regulations


How and until when can I register?

You can register through the button “Register here” on our website until the 4th of March.


How many members should my team have?

Each team is constituted by 4 member. But you can register individually or even in groups of 2 or 3 members, and after that you will be inserted in a team that lacks members.


Should I have prior knowledge of some specific theme?

You only need the basic concepts of science and engineering and to be interested in challenges! You should have the will to work in a team and spend a fun weekend with your friends, in a healthy competition with other teams, you don’t need anything else!


Does the organization provide meals to the participants during the weekend of the competition?

Yes. BEST Porto assures all of your meals during the 24 hours of the competition (saturday’s lunch, saturday’s dinner and sunday’s lunch). Besides that, during all weekend we will have a coffee break space available.


Do we have to pay to participate in the competition?

No, you only have to leave a 5 euro deposit per person. This deposit is given back to you at the end of the competition, after the closing ceremony and after you fill in a feedback form, if you obey to all of the expressed clauses in the regulations.


Is it true that the competition is credited?

Yes, the rectory of Universidade do Porto credits EBEC since 2013/2014 with 1.5 ECTS to the participants. Your course director decides the acceptance or not of your credits.


Do I get the 1.5 ECTS just for participating?

To access the 1.5 ECTS you have to:

  • Be present during the whole event;
  • Have a good performance in the competition;
  • Fulfill all the clauses in the regulations.

For more detailed info we recommend you to read the article “Creditação” of the regulations.


Does the competition last 24 hours?

Yes, the competition itself lasts 24 hours, that is the time each team has to solve the given problem. Outside those 24 hours, you also have the opening and closing session and the presentations.


If I have to skip classes, does BEST Porto justify it?

If you have to miss classes to be present at the event, BEST Porto, justifies them for that day. You only have to require that same justification until the end of the competition with the main organiser.


When will we know the challenge that we have to solve?

At the opening session, the challenge will be presented, and all of the potential doubts will be clarified.


Can I leave the competition place during the challenge?

Dislocations are only allowed inside the building. If you have to leave the place, you need a proper justification and the authorization of someone from the organization. Other situations will be taken in consideration by the organization.


Can we have access to external information?

Participants will have Internet access and should have at least one computer per team.


What are the restrictions to the participants during the challenge?

In case any of the members of the team doesn’t follow the rules of the regulation, the team is disqualified and loses its deposit as well as the access to the 1.5 CTS.

If the team is unable to present a solution to the challenge, the penalty is decided by the judges.

The team is responsible for the maintenance of their attributed spot, so at the end of the competition they must assure that the same spot is left clean. The violation of this rule leads to a loss of the deposit.

For more information about possible penalties that may occur, we advise the reading of the event regulations, in the article that corresponds to irregularities.


Are there any prizes?

Yes! All of the prizes will be announced during the event.

Besides that, the team that stays in first place (Team Design and Case Study) will have access to the national phase, that will take place in Almada.


Why do the presentations and the reports need to be made in english?

Since the competition is inserted in the international project “EBEC Challenge”- European Best Engineering Competition Challenge, there are some rules that need to be met in all of the local rounds. Besides that, BEST promotes the development of students and that includes their proficiency in the english language, which is of great importance.


What if I have any more doubts?

If you have any doubts, you can contact us through the e-mail, through our facebook or in person at our BEST Office (B329 @FEUP).